Exploring signs, symbolism, and the impact they have on us

It me

Every time I see a cardinal, I choose to believe it is my grandmother’s presence. This sacred bird, perched upon a branch, is the spirit world speaking to me directly in ornithological form. It’s a moment that was meant to be, and is no mere coincidence.

Well, according to All About Birds, “the total breeding population size of the species is 120 million birds.”

Despite their massive population, I still choose to believe that the red-plumaged bird is my grandmother connecting with me.

There is mathematical and statistical evidence to explain why the “unexplained” seems to happen to us. I…

I once had in my blog’s drafts a post titled “My inability to slow down”. For whatever reason, I scrapped the idea of that post. But the idea of revisiting that idea of writing about slowing down has always lingered in my mind, which now seems pretty apropos. I started this post before COVID19, and then things really started slowing down.

To be transparent, I felt strange and inappropriate finishing a personal post right now, it just didn’t seem quite right. But then I came across this Repeller by Harling Ross titled “I’m Clinging to Personal Writing More Than Ever…

I considered titling this post “writing and feeling things”, because that’s what is going on at this moment. Sitting at home, allowing myself to feel a lot of things I would very much prefer to not be feeling. Angrily, I began writing and spewing every thought and word that entered my brain, a stream of consciousness. A mishmash of words and emotions, this post is for those experiencing loss, grief and heartbreak.

going on, despite…

Life is beautiful, confusing, magnificent, sad, tragic and unfair.

Life will knock you off your feet in an instant. Life will have you feeling on top of the…

Camille Mola

Founder and writer of Positive Publicity Blog positivepublicityblog.com

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